Messy Girl (ex_nina910) wrote in xoxoeinstein,
Messy Girl

Einstein to Maric - 13 September 1900 - Milan

My dearest Dollie,

Three-quarters of our stupid time apart is now over. Soon I'll be with my little sweetheart again and can kiss her, hug her, make coffee with her, scold her, study with her, laugh with her, walk with her, chat with her..... + ad infinitum! We'll have another wonderful year together, don't you think? I've already announced that I'm staying with you for Christmas. I can't wait until I have you again, my everything, my little so-and-so, my street urchin, my little rascal! When I think of you now, for a second I don't want to anger or tease you ever again, only to be an angel all the time! What a nice illusion! But you'll still love me, won't you, even if I'm the same old rogue I've always been, full of whims and mischief, and as moody as ever!

I don't know if I've been writing to you as regularly as usual. But don't make angry faces about it--my aunt is visiting here (the famous one, from Genoa) with her little daughter, a sadly spoiled little brat. There's no room at all for me to be alone to write you. And if I do it in front of my parents, they think I'm trying to spite them. They're being being very nice to me, by the way, especially Papa; they seem to have reconciled themselves to the inevitable. I think they'll both come to like you very much once they get to know you. Now I'm happy that I told them everything. They should be happy too, because now that I've seen other people, I know that nowhere in the world would I be able to find someone better than you. But I also treasure you and want to give you the love you deserve. Even if my workd seems pointless and unnecessary if not for the thought that you are happy with what I am and what I do...
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