Messy Girl (ex_nina910) wrote in xoxoeinstein,
Messy Girl

Einstein in to [his wife] Maric - October 10, 1899 - Milan

I'm taking my sister to Aarau on Sunday and will arrive at my dear ex-landlady's house in Zurich the next day. She simply hasn't answered the postcard in which I dared to ask if it was within her "infinity capacity for foresight" to find me lodgings somewhere else. In other words, I, the poor little parcel, must wait for delivery until someone finds me an address. When I think about how you must now be buried in work, my anger about your not writing me melts away like wax. You poor thing, you've really had it a lot harder than I had it in the last year, being so alone and all. But wait--I can already see you smiling at my attempts of consolation, and thinking: such things are of little concern to Dollie; she knows what she wants and has demonstrated this frequently.
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